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5 Benefits Of Luxury Villa Vacation

If you need to upgrade your vacation to a whole new level of luxury of comfort, ditch the regular hotel suites and opt for a villa instead. You get a feeling of home, with so many added amenities such as a spa and swimming pool, which you may not get with traditional hotel rooms. Here are 5 benefits to staying in a luxury villa during your vacation.villa hotel


Enjoying hotel meals can be great. However, there are times you want to prepare your own food, or a quick snack from the comfort of your room. A villa comes with a furnished kitchen that allows you to do that. If you have kids, you get to make their food yourself, especially because most people don’t trust hotel baby food.

More Space

If you are traveling with kids, you will need more space. Villas have separate bedrooms and bathrooms all under one roof. This ensures you have more breathing space to relax after a long day of touring.

Competitive Pricing

Despite the additional amenities, booking a villa may cost you as much as a regular suite or hotel room. All factors considered villas are much better, even given the fact that you have more room and can cook your own meals. Therefore, it’s more economical staying at a villa since you can avoid the expensive restaurant meals and save some money.

More Onset Amenities

With luxury condos, you have the chance to use the other facilities in the area. This includes swimming, golf, tennis and game rooms for the kids. When traveling with kids, it’s imperative that you also get your relaxation time. They can keep busy in the game room while you enjoy soaking at the Jacuzzi. Keep in mind that the amenities provided vary with each location, hence, you should inquire about availability before booking.

Allow For Lighter Travel

Booking a luxury villa will have you packing less luggage and equipment. This is because most villas are furnished and you will have all you need, including a washer and dryer. This also means that you will incur fewer luggage costs at the airport.

What Are The Differences Between Condo And Townhouse

What Are The Differences Between Condo And Townhouse

Do you want to buy property but you still don’t get the difference between a Condo And Townhouse? You are not alone. The dissimilarities lie in subtle distinctions, which are quite unique depending on what a buyer wants. As we get down to the differences, keep in mind that there are a few exceptions because some townhouses operate as condos. Therefore, you should be very keen as you make a buying decision.houses for rent near me

To begin with, we will start with the definitions. A condo is where one owns the actual structure of the building, together with other members of the association. As an individual, you only own the interior and the airspace. Also, there are shared amenities with other members such as a tennis court or swimming pool.

A townhouse, however, is a style of construction. You own both the house and the land on which the structure sits. However, there is a shared common wall with the next house.

Here are the major differences you need to note:


For a condo, you only own the interior of the house. The Homeowners Association (HOA) is in charge of the exterior, lawns and other communal areas.

Owners of a townhouse own both the interior and exterior, which includes the lawn, roof, and driveway. They, however, do not own any communal areas in the property.


Condos are more versatile when it comes to building style. They are either part of a cul-de-sac of cottages, a high-rise or anything that falls in between. condos, on the other hand, are designed in rows. This means that tenants share one wall, especially those in storied townhouses.


Condominiums may come in various styles, but they are much smaller than townhouses. The latter have bigger units since most come in more than one story.townhomes for sale

The Community

Condos are built with a community focus. There are amenities such as a golf club, clubhouse, pool and tennis lawns. There are townhouses that offer the same amenities, albeit in a more private setting.

Home Insurance

Insurance fees are lower for condo owners. This is because they only need to ensure the interior of the house. Townhouses, however, incur higher insurance fees that cover both the exterior and interior.

Homeowner’s Association Fees

These fees are higher for condominium owners. They have to pay for the exterior upkeep. This includes pest control, lawn care, and trash management. Townhouse owners pay for their exterior upkeep, which makes their HOA service fees much lower. The association only handles specific maintenance and trash management.

Tips for Choosing the Best Family-Friendly Motel

Tips for Choosing the Best Family-Friendly Motel

If you are looking for a family-friendly motel for your stay during a vacation or a trip, it is essential that you find a resort that offers special rates and quality services. Apart from this, it is good that you look for a motel that offers other amenities such as babysitting and field trips.

Such kind can keep your family busy and happy, so you won’t get bored. Below are a few tips that will help you chose the best family-friendly motel when you are out for a trip or during a family hotel for family vacation

Choose a Destination and Motel that Suit Everyone

When going out with your family it is essential that you choose a destination that will suit each person. For instance, if you have kids, choose a motel that has kids programs and other fun activities. If your family consist of teens then make sure you book a motel that has programs that are meant for teenagers. By doing so, you will be able to secure the interest of everybody in your family.

Choose a Motel that has Different Restaurants with Many Dining Options

By doing so, you and your family will be able to eat in different hotels which have different diet plans and as such you will not be bored with eating similar meals from a single restaurant.

Go Through Guidebooks and the Internet

For parents in search of a family-friendly motel, there a lot of motels on the internet that can give you an insight of what you need to know about different motels available. For starters, the internet is always an ideal place to start. You can also get some useful information about the best family-friendly motel from guidebooks about family travel.


When choosing a motel, ensure that it is flexible so that everyone will be able to enjoy different things because everyone has different tastes and interests. This way, everyone in your family will be able to enjoy their trip.

Have Fun Away from the Hotel

All inclusive motels have everything that you may need on the property, but it is essential that you find out if there are off-site offers that will see your family travel to different places and back to the hotel rather than staying within the motel’s perimeter.

A family trip or vacation can be fun if everyone comes back home fully satisfied, so next time you planning to go for a family trip or vacation, consider the above tips before booking a motel for your family to stay.

How to Select the Most Appropriate Hotel For Your Next Family Vacation

How to Select the Most Appropriate Hotel For Your Next Family Vacation

Whether you are arranging a holiday in your state or you wish to organise a family holiday overseas, deciding on the very best hotel could be such a daunting experience.

You’re able to visit online, to brohotel packageswse through the numerous booking websites or you can stop by every individual hotel’s website to locate a hotel you believe may satisfy your demands.

However, there are many distinct variables to consider which you have not to overlook.

A fantastic example is if you intend to visit a better location for a holiday, then you have to understand it’s among the most visited destinations on earth and therefore there’s not any shortage in regards to hotels, guest houses and bed, and wineries.

In reality, there are more than a hundred and one-hundred million guest rooms you can select, so where do you begin? For many individuals, you’ll have a travel deal. You’ll get an indicator on which you could afford to pay concerning the cost of accommodation.

Have a peek at the length of time you mean to stay in the region and that which you would cover accommodation cost for your whole stay. You need to Budget some money for meals, amusement, and memorabilia.

The price you’ve got in mind will be able to help you determine the hotels you may manage to make sure you reserve the ideal hotel which operates inside your budget.

Try and ensure your budget falls to the three-star hotel class. You do not wish to go under three stars. Three stars hotels are relatively simple, but you’re sure of fresh and comfortable en-suite space.

Even though with three stars, the hotel might not possess the kind of restaurant you want and benefits of a twenty-four-hour reception has been trivial. In case you’ve got a fantastic budget, then for five-star hotels, which means it’s possible to appreciate twenty-four-hour room service, a concierge service, and lodging support, to list a couple.

hotels roomsAs soon as you’ve got a budget in mind and you also know something about the kind of hotels you can afford. You have to concentrate on a place.

The choice of this hotel is going to be set by what you would like to do on your holiday and what you wish to see. If you’re heading into the beachfront, you need a hotel walking distance from the shore.

Requiring to go half an hour or so and grab a bus to reach the shore halts the function of the holiday season. The same is true if you’re arranging a city break.

Verify the hotel you choose is near the transport links, which means it’s possible to learn more about the town quickly on your own.

Examine the facilities furnished by the hotel.

Do they have a restaurant? Can they provide room services? How about Internet? When reserving another hotel, the services and facilities provided are all essential, so you understand what you could do in the hotel and that which you want to go outside for.

Occasionally staying in the hotel and with a relaxing spa treatment or eventhe holiday inn appreciating some breakfast in the comfort of your room will cause you to feel relaxed and rested.

The last consideration is that the guest accommodation is available. Most hotels of 3 stars and beyond will offer distinct room types, and all include their very own distinct advantages.

You may choose from double, king or double suites or rooms. It is possible to select a room with an en-suite shower or tub or you may pick a suite with its living room, and that means you’ve got your house away from your home.

Five Vital Things To Consider When Choosing A Hotel For Accommodation

Five Vital Things To Consider When Choosing A Hotel For Accommodation

Locating a superb hotel can be a vital task if you are planning to have a picnic or vacation. However, the online world and communication technology has made easier this essential issue to some extent. However, there are some aspects you have to consider when picking a hotel especially when you are traveling with your friends or family members. Let us talk about the five main factors which are necessary to consider when you are choosing a hotel for accommodation hotels

Location of the Hotel

Location of the hotel is the essential factor to consider when choosing a hotel for accommodation when traveling out on vacation. Its proximity to the places you want to visit will enable you to spend less time and also save money for taxis.

In case you are coming over for a business trip, decided on a hotel which is close to the primary business centers.  This will allow easy access to medical facilities, airport, shopping malls, or railway station.

Hotel Amenities

This is the second most factor to consider when choosing a hotel for accommodation. The modern-day hospitality industry is aware importance of services and various amenities enjoyed by their clients as opposed the ancient ones. In a competitive, hotels which give outstanding services and facilities are favored by most visitors. For instance, if you are out for a business trip, internet services and Wi-Fi is required in your rooms. Entertainment and other fun facilities are also important especially when you are traveling with kids or friends.


This is certainly an important element when you are on vacation. You must check how easy transport can be accessed from the hotel. The Hotel should at least give cab services to the important vacation spots like tourist places, railway station, shopping malls and nearby the hotel. The lack of accessible transport can be very annoying and ruin your travel experience.

budget hotelValue

Your choice of hotel will highly depend on your budget. You can choose to compare prices of the hotels using the different mobile apps available or by visiting their respective websites. However, before considering the costs, it is important you keep in mind the extra services you might require such as laundry or even local transportation.


Last but not least, get a clear view or idea of the quality of the hotel you are likely to choose by carefully reading the reviews of other visitors who might have spent time in that hotel and have their share of experience. The hotel’s management has no direct control of the reviews, and therefore you will be able to get transparent and honest reviews published on those websites.

Always remember that the key to an enjoyable stay in a hotel is directly proportional to the choices you make. So, choose wisely.



Choosing hotel for your next holiday

Choosing hotel for your next holiday

Going on a holiday is the time to reenergize yourself, prepare for the challenges that you will face once you come back. This is why it is very important to make your holiday the best it can be. Working whole year before going will go faster if there are an exciting location and a wonderful hotel to look forward to.    holiday hotel

Booking a regular hotel room may save you some money, but holidays don’t happen every day. Make it enjoyable and worth remembering. It will be a small source of positive energy during long working days and bring a smile to your face.


Enjoy the maximum comfort

Spending time in a hotel apartment will make you feel like you have a new, beautiful, comfortable home.  Why not give yourself all the luxury you can afford? Having a room only for sleeping and other for spending your free time relaxing can be truly rewarding, especially if you wish to spend a week or ten days.

Making a tea or improvised small meal can be much easier in an apartment when opposed to a regular room. Even though spending the time in a pool or sightseeing can take most of your days, it is still important to have the comfort you are used to and be able to invite friends to stop by.


Grab Every Opportunities

The opportunities to spoil yourself don’t come around often. Make the most of the available opportunities and time to enjoy to the fullest. Choose an apartment according to your personal preferences and let the vacation be a time to recover from everyday stress, meeting deadlines, investing all the necessary efforts to make everything function perfectly and be a center of your own world for a change.

holiday inn select

If you come with your partner, this can be a perfect opportunity to renew your relationship and relax completely. Everyday obligations can take its toll on every relationship, so making a little extra effort by booking a beautiful apartment can be a romantic gesture as well. Let your partner know you care and want to make your holiday unforgettable.

Our Hotel Is The Best Hotel And Resort Near La Fortuna Arenal Volcano Area.

Arenal Carmela Hotel offers the best lodge service in the Arenal Volcano National Park area, located in La Fortuna-San Carlos. Our Hotel is the best Hotel and resort near La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area.

We at Arenal Carmela Hotel can arrange tours and activities to keep you busy during your stay with us. Below are some of our guests' favorites. Some can be done on your own, others are organized by the Hotel, in cooperation with the best tour operators from the town of La Fortuna.

family vacation
buying a condo

Arenal Carmela Hotel has an excellent centralized location for regional tours; Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Arenal Volcano tours, Safari Adventure Float, Fortuna River Waterfall, Sport fishing in Lake Arenal, Canopy Fortuna, Tabacon hot springs hiking through the Rain Forest, Danaus Ecocenter, Horseback riding tour to Monteverde,

Getting Here

It really depends where you are coming from of course, but the following should cover most bases:

If arriving via the Central Valley (San Jose):

There are three possible routes. The nicest is over the Poas Mountains; the most direct road is via San Ramon. By night you should take the road over Ciudad Quesada. The average trajectory is about 3.5 to 4 hrs from the airport.Please drive carefully, in Costa Rica drivers tend to be careless. If you get lost, please ask the local people: they like to help you. We do not recommend you drive at night, unless impossible otherwise. If possible, it is advisable to plan your departure to arrive before 5 PM at the Hotel. The sunsets are usually very romantic and you will be able to appreciate the beauty of our location upon arrival.