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10 Characteristics Of an Excellent Hotel

10 Characteristics Of an Excellent Hotel

luxury hotelsAmong the essential elements in the achievement of any holiday is the characteristic of the hotel accommodation you select.

Locate a fantastic hotel, and you are half way to getting a fun-filled experience.

Going for one which is not good enough might ruin your entire trip. Bearing that in mind, here are ten features of an excellent hotel.


1. Among the most significant features of a high-quality hotel is friendly and helpful staff. It is entirely crucial that workers are polite, provide a cheery welcome and assist you where the need arises.

2. In the summertime, hotel rooms can become very hot. That is why using a fantastic, excellent air-conditioning system may be vital. So, make sure their air-condition are in good order.

3. Equally, it is crucial that the hotel gives you satisfactorily heated rooms in winter. You should always feel comfortable in the area.

4. Which lends itself nicely to this feature – using a cosy bed. So many hotel stays are ruined or made by the quality of those sleeping arrangements. Hotels should always supply you with a fantastic night’s sleep.

5. Beautiful hotel room walls may also enhance the level of your stay. You do not wish to have the ability to listen to other guests talking or their TVs noise. The odd thing is that they might feel the same about you.

6. It’s always a fantastic bonus if a hotel is accommodating in granting their guest request. This is very important when you are on vacation with kids. However, there are some different events in which you may request the hotel for something and it is very gratifying when they comply.

7. It is also essential that your hotel is in a fantastic place for the primary attractions, which means you don’t go through difficulties in accessing them.

8. A cluttered room is sufficient to get you depart on birth, let alone stick around for a lousy encounter, so finding an institution that’s clean because cleanliness is essential.

9. One thing most of us tend to take into account when booking a hotel room is that its prices represent good value for money. That does not mean it ought to be inexpensive, but the price you pay must reflect the extent of your stay.

10. You will also need a hotel which has excellent availability since there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out since it never has some deductions.

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If you are thinking about going on a vacation soon, either alone or with your family, make sure they fulfil these 10 points, and you also need to be a winner by enjoying every bit of your stay.

7 Important Things to Know When Buying a Condo Hotel

7 Important Things to Know When Buying a Condo Hotel

Whether it’s for an investment or your very own residences, getting a condo hotel or condotel has its own benefits. Condo hotels can be easily maintained can be owned easier than typical condo units today. People would usually invest in a condo hotel as their vacation houses due to its numerous benefits and amenities.

buying a condoCondo hotel is more luxurious than the usual condominium unit. With a condo hotel unit you can enjoy the comforts and premium of a 4-start hotel all to yourself since the unit is yours.

Fitness centers, fine dining restaurant, spas, and resort-level pools are just some of the amenities you can get from a condo hotel.

In line with that, here are 7 things to know if you are buying yourself a condo hotel:

  1. What is a Condo Hotel?

The first, and the most important, thing that you would have to know is the difference of condo hotels from other residential spaces such as condominiums. Condo hotels, as their name suggests, are hybrids of a condominium and a hotel where you can buy a hotel unit and have it rented by others on a vacation.


  1. Who are your Neighbors?

Another thing you would have to take note of is the kind of neighbors you have. Remember that you will be living in your unit sometimes and you have to treat it as if it is your own house. Ask around what kinds of neighbors you have to know if the unit is suitable for you.


  1. What are the Amenities of the Establishment?

Amenities are hotels’ selling points and having a condo hotel with good features is definitely a big bonus. Check out if the amenities and services in your condo hotel would satisfy you before deciding to buy it.

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  1. How can you Benefit from Buying Condo Hotel?

Did you know that you could actually earn from your very own condo hotel? Being in a hotel, your unit can actually be open for accommodations and part of the revenue would go to you. This makes condo hotels very good investments.


  1. What is the reputation of Condo Hotel’s Management?

You should also consider the hotel’s reputation in terms of management. Remember that you would be leaving your residential unit to them which is why ensuring that their service is top class should be done.


  1. What are the Condo Hotel’s Rules?

Pets? Visitors? Each condo hotel has their own set of rules and it is your responsibility to study your condo hotel’s. The rules in your condo hotel can also heavily affect your decision so make sure to check it out.


  1. Where are Condo Hotels Usually located?

Condo hotels are usually located in places where tourists flock. Much like regular hotels, condo hotels would also need sustainable market in order to keep in business. Find one place that you would want to spend your vacations in every time and try to look for condo hotels there.

Arenal Carmela Hotel Has An Excellent Centralized Location For Regional Tours.

We at Arenal Carmela Hotel can arrange tours and activities to keep you busy during your stay with us. Below are some of our guests’ favorites. Some can be done on your own, others are organized by the Hotel, in cooperation with the best tour operators from the town of La Fortuna.Hotel vacation




Costa Rica’s geological origin is volcanic. The three mountain ranges are comprised of multiple volcanoes. Arenal volcano is located in the province of Alajuela, a three-hour scenic drive from downtown San Jose. It rises to 1,600 meters -5,478 feet- and is the final point of the Guanacaste mountain range. The separation between this and the Tilaran mountain range is marked by the Arenal depression and Arenal lake.recreation activities

In 1958 and 1993, the Arenal Volcano’s activity increased significantly with almost daily explosions of rock and lava. Today, colossal lava rocks that were spewed over the landscape can be seen throughout the area. The grumbling of its inner activity can be heard almost every day and, at night, you can actually witness the spectacular liquid lava trail from the cone and see its explosions.

Elevations range between 1,000 to 1,633 meters (3,200 – 5,300 feet), the habitats found there are the tropical highland forest (cloud forest), tropical lowland wet forest (rainforest) and streams. A gravel road leads to the park entrance.